As part of our 1Africa Foundation division, the 1Africa Consulting team visited the Boikhutsong
Home for children. The home, based in Atteridgeville (Pretoria), is a community-based shelter for
those most in need, relying heavily on donations from individuals and businesses. It is operated
by the wonderful Mrs Hlongwane, who has dedicated her life to the children she takes care of.
During our visit, it was clear to see that Mrs Hlongwane is much appreciated and loved by the
children in her care.

1Africa Foundation contributed groceries and supplies to the home to aid in its day-to-day
running. As part of the 1Africa Foundation’s partnership with Dear Bella (a South African based
sanitary towel manufacturer), sanitary products were also donated to the home, giving the young
girls one less thing to worry about. The 1Africa Foundation team is proud and humbled to be a
part of this initiative, and we plan to continue supporting communities in South Africa.

About 1Africa Foundation:
Building local community relationships can be the most important communication activity
undertaken by an organisation, yet it is often overlooked. 1Africa Foundation is a division of
1Africa Consulting that focuses on corporate social responsibility initiatives. The foundation’s
focal point is community relations aimed at establishing and maintaining mutually beneficial
relationships with the communities within which we operate.