CSR Brand Purpose

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and brand purpose are intrinsically connected. A brand first has to define its purpose – what it stands for/what it believes in – and then develop strategic CSR plans that support this purpose. 1Africa Consulting helps with corporate citizenship solutions as follows:

Services Include :

Brand Purpose

1Africa Consulting is passionate about helping brands define their purpose. We work closely with our clients to understand their passion and business, and identify ideological paths that align with their organisational goals, vision and mission.

Networking & Partnerships

We identify strategic partnerships and networking opportunities that benefit various stakeholders. This includes collaborative projects that support more inclusive, participative, diverse and expertise-centred structures. We also have services to support sponsorship and investor needs.

Development of CSR Solutions

For brands with no existing CSR mandate, or for those wishing to explore other options, we identify CSR opportunities that align with brand purpose. We then develop integrated CSR plans that align with overarching business and communication


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