Public & Media Relations

This refers to identifying opportunities and managing relationships with identified
brand stakeholders, including the media. Services include:

Services Include :

Media Relations & Distribution

Creating and nurturing positive relationships with the media across different geographic regions and topics of interest. We identify media opportunities, as well as actively pitch and secure organic media placements for clients (such as the publishing of written content), as well as interview and speaking opportunities across digital, print, radio and television platforms. It also includes pitching media to gain live coverage of onsite and online client events.

Crisis & Management

Being prepared can mean the difference between weathering the storm or incurring irreparable brand damage should a crisis occur. We assist in developing pro-active crisis management plans, as well as guiding brands through a time of crisis. We also assist in post-crisis communication strategies that aid in reputation recovery.

Stakeholder & Reputation Management

Building positive brand equity through effective reputation management is invaluable. We help develop and maintain relationships, and constructively engage with stakeholders – both internal and external, including the public.


Media Training

We offer media training for individuals and teams that are media and/or public facing. Training includes factors such as navigating difficult or controversial interview questions, bringing the conversation back on track if the interviewer digresses and the various preparatory requirements for media interviews or a public speaking engagement.


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