1Africa Consulting’s CEO & Founder, Mosh Matsena, was recently featured in the United Nation’s African Renewal publication, discussing economic growth through increased intra- African trade. In the article, Mosh emphasises the need to change the narrative when it comes to doing business in Africa, stressing that we as Africans need to harness the immense potential offered by partnerships, collaborations and business ventures with our counterparts across the continent.

“To stimulate intra-African trade, we need to understand the current limitations and opportunities on the continent. The narrative needs to be future-forward and reflective of where the continent is going to. For transformation to truly happen in Africa, we need the buy-in and support of all stakeholders, not just government and policy-makers. Private sector needs to be open to the conversation of doing more and more business on the continent, and explore local partnerships to an exponentially larger extend. However, for this to work, Africa stakeholders and decision-makers need to be committed to tangibly improving trade and development in Africa in terms of raising the bar when it comes to excellence, service delivery, infrastructure, ethical business practice, policies and other related factors.”