Brand Positioning & Thought Leadership

Thought leader positioning is increasing becoming vital in a communication landscape that values authenticity and expertise. A 2020 Edelman-LinkedIn study revealed that 88% of decision-makers say that thought-leadership can be effective in enhancing their perceptions of an organisation. A combination of content development, media relations, identifying platforms for dialogue; and stakeholder mapping aid in maximising impact. Our brand and thought leadership options include

Services Include :

Brand Positioning

Positioning a brand or its spokespeople (particularly C-Suite executives) as thought leaders in a specific field or topic.

Personal Branding

We help promote the thought leadership profiles of individuals such as influencers, entrepreneurs or public figures.

Corporate Citizenship

We develop communication solutions that highlight social impact work undertaken by a brand, including its support for social causes. This helps bring visibility to activities such as CSR work and promotes positive public sentiment.


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