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1Africa Consulting pursues a differentiated strategy that is concentrated on purpose. Purpose, from this viewpoint, drives organisational behaviour that connects the core beliefs of internal stakeholders with the values of the communities in which they operate. An authentically purpose-led organisation leverages off purpose, positioning it as a key driver through meaningful engagement that resonates through its sustainability, behaviour and decision-making. 



Stakeholder Mapping

Stakeholder Mapping helps identify a brand’s internal and external stakeholders. It provides insights on the level and type of influence per stakeholder group – e.g., investors, the public, the media and so forth. These insights inform strategy development in terms of type of content, platforms etc. required to connect with the right stakeholders in the right way.

Competitor Analysis

Competitor analyses provide data related to the competitive industry and market landscape of a brand. Insights on external opportunities and threats inform the understanding of internal strengths and weakness, promoting effective marketing tactics and business operational progress.


Perception Audits

This is a high qualitative (often interview-style) exercise where we gather insights on how a brand is perceived by various stakeholders, both internal and external. This includes a business’s: employees, customers, partners, investors and so forth. Subjective perspectives help provide a “big picture” snapshot of how a brand is seen, and helps identify challenges and opportunities. Understanding behavioural patterns of key target segments also assists with the development of content and distribution strategies.

Market Research

Competitor analyses provide data related to the competitive industry and market landscape of a brand. Insights on external opportunities and threats inform the understanding of internal strengths and weakness, promoting effective marketing tactics and business operational progress.



Key Message Development

Defining a company’s identity in terms of who they are, what they do and why they exist. Key Messaging can be seen as a framework for all brand communication as it outlines elements such as brand tone, target audiences, content type and overall brand persona. Having these factors defined in one structured document also promotes consistency across different marketing platforms and activities.


We can conceptualise ideas to suit different brand needs. This includes everything from creative concept ideation to innovative execution tactics for impact.


We develop brand and communication strategic masterplans and implementation action plans aimed at maximising impact or solving complex communication challenges.



Written Content

Custom developed written content including op-eds (thought-leadership articles), website content, blog articles, press releases and internal communication documents.

Visual & Creative Content

This includes graphic design, video content, marketing collateral and digital resources.



Specialists in translations in French, Portuguese, and Kiswahili


Media Relations & Distribution

Creating and nurturing positive relationships with the media across different geographic regions and topics of interest. We identify media opportunities, as well as actively pitch and secure organic media placements for clients (such as the publishing of written content), as well as interview and speaking opportunities across digital, print, radio and television platforms. It also includes pitching media to gain live coverage of onsite and online client events.

Services Include :

Stakeholder & Reputation Management

Building positive brand equity through effective reputation management is invaluable. We help develop and maintain relationships, and constructively engage with stakeholders – both internal and external, including the public.

Crisis & Management

Being prepared can mean the difference between weathering the storm or incurring irreparable brand damage should a crisis occur. We assist in developing pro-active crisis management plans, as well as guiding brands through a time of crisis. We also assist in post-crisis communication strategies that aid in reputation recovery.


Brand Positioning

Positioning a brand or its spokespeople (particularly C-Suite executives) as thought leaders in a specific field or topic.

Personal Branding

We help promote the thought leadership profiles of individuals such as influencers, entrepreneurs or public figures.

Corporate Citizenship

We develop communication solutions that highlight social impact work undertaken by a brand, including its support for social causes. This helps bring visibility to activities such as CSR work and promotes positive public sentiment.



Social Media Solutions

Customised to suit client needs and budget.

Influencer Marketing

We can source and vet the right influencers that align to brand goals and target audiences.

Digital Marketing Solutions

This includes Google Ads/PPC campaign, digital advertising andthe use of specialised digital tools, tactics and platforms



Live events

Consumer/public events, marketing activations, industry expos, press conferences and corporate events – subject to brief as well as COVID-19 concerns and regulations.

Virtual events

The planning and management of online events such as digital press conferences, webinars, live podcasts and live social media events (e.g., live Twitter chats).


Brand Purpose

1Africa Consulting is passionate about helping brands define their purpose. We work closely with our clients to understand their passion and business, and identify ideological paths that align with their organisational goals, vision and mission.


Networking & Partnerships

We identify strategic partnerships and networking opportunities that benefit various stakeholders. This includes collaborative projects that support more inclusive, participative, diverse and expertise-centred structures. We also have services to support sponsorship and investor needs.


Development of CSR Solutions

For brands with no existing CSR mandate, or for those wishing to explore other options, we identify CSR opportunities that align with brand purpose. We then develop integrated CSR plans that align with overarching business and communication


Digital Media Buying

This includes social media, digital advertising and digital campaign marketing needs


Traditional Media & Advertising

This includes buying media ad space in traditional print publications, radio, television and out- of-home platforms (such as billboards and outdoor advertising spaces)


Transformational Leadership & Management Skills

We offer training in transformational leadership and management skills required to effectively manage change and challenges in high-performing environments. We support this training with consulting and interacting with executives at board level.

Customer Service Training

This entails effective communication training for both in-store and online customer support staff.

Employee Lifestyle & Wellness Training

Training is custom-developed based on each client’s unique needs.


Media Training

We offer media training for individuals and teams that are media and/or public facing. Training includes factors such as navigating difficult or controversial interview questions, bringing the conversation back on track if the interviewer digresses and the various preparatory requirements for media interviews or a public speaking engagement.


Corporate Speaking Engagements

Our executives are available as Keynote speakers or subject matter experts for both closed corporate events as well as public events (terms and conditions apply).

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