In South Africa, October is marked as transport month. Annually, various transport and logistic organisations use this month as a platform to draw attention to issues related to the transport industry. As stated by the World Bank, “Mobility is critical to sustainable
development— from education and health to global warming and inclusive growth. Without it, there cannot be poverty reduction nor shared prosperity. Transport has a lot riding on it, for individual citizens and national economies”.

In this article, Acting CEO of the Cross Border Road Transport Agency (CBRTA), Lwazi Mboyi, explains the role of cross-border transport when it comes to boosting intra-African trade. “To harness the potential benefits unlocked by the AfCFTA, we must therefore ensure that cross-border transport operations are conducted efficiently, safely, productively, viably and cost effectively. This requires that we urgently address challenges affecting cross-border transport systems. To succeed, we need to share as much information as possible regarding developments, challenges and opportunities which exist, as well as emerging considerations emanating from the AfCFTA. This where regulatory authorities such as the C-BRTA, fellow transport regulatory authorities and customs regulatory authorities need to take the lead.